• History & Social Studies Education

  • Burma/Myanmar

  • Refugee & Immigrant Education

  • Curriculum Studies

  • Qualitative Research Methods


  • Discourse Analysis

  • Social Semiotics


I am an anthropologist of education interested in the conflicts that arise around history, identity, and language in the classroom. My articles have appeared in Comparative Education ReviewAnthropology & Education Quarterly, and International Review of Qualitative Research, as well as in a number of edited volumes. My textbook, Teaching US History Thematically: Document Based Lessons for the Secondary Classroom, was published by Teachers College Press in 2017; my blog about this approach to teaching social studies, "Big Questions, Many Answers," is available here. I am also the author of thematically organized, document-based textbook called Histories of Burma, which is available for download from its publisher, Mote Oo Education. My CV is available from my faculty page at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in the College of Education's Department of Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum. My scholarly work is available for download from academia.edu and researchgate.com.