As of 2019, I am currently working on a new book, Teaching World History Thematically: Document-Based Lessons for the Secondary Classroom, for Teachers College Press—it should be out by 2021. In the meantime, check out my blog post on the process of writing it and my Facebook page Teaching History Thematically, where teachers using this method can connect, share resources, ask questions, and give me advice!


Teaching US History Thematically

In 2017, Teachers College Press published Teaching US History Thematically: Document-Based Lessons for the Secondary Classroom.

I provide over 60 primary sources organized into seven thematic units, each structured around an essential question from U.S. history. As students analyze carefully excerpted documents―speeches by presidents and protesters, Supreme Court cases, political cartoons―they build an understanding of how diverse historical figures have approached key issues. At the same time, students learn to participate in civic debates and develop their own views on what it means to be a 21st-century American. Each unit connects to current events and dynamic classroom activities make history come alive.

Reviewers have called it "a thorough and comprehensive guide for teachers, it is an invaluable tool for educators looking to encourage and enhance reflective practice and promote meaningful, engaging, and inclusive teaching and learning."


Histories of Burma

In 2013, Mote Oo Education published Histories of Burma, a thematically-organized, document-based textbook set intended for secondary and post-secondary students of Burma/Myanmar's history.

I collaborated with a Burmese history teacher, Mr. Aung Khine, to produce this resource. Our goal was to promote national reconciliation through critical thinking about history.

The Source Book contains one hundred of the most important documents in the country's history, bringing together colonial documents with political cartoons, eye-witness accounts, treaties, and speeches by leaders from many of Myanmar's ethnic groups.

The Student Book contains activities for students to do using these documents. Activities are organized into ten thematic units.

The Teacher Book contains guidance for teachers using this textbook.

These resources are available in English and Burmese languages, and can be downloaded here.

I maintain a Facebook page for Histories of Burma to update users on trainings and topics of interest.